Freequently Ask Questions

Boss IPTV is an online streaming service that offers live TV channels, movies, series and PPV events worldwide. It has over 18,000 live global channels and over 100K VODs that can be streamed to any device.

Boss IP TV is the largest provider of IPTV channels and VOD movies in the market. We have the best servers and the most stable communication lines to offer users the best experience.

There are questionable IPTV services that offer illegal content to their customers, but Boss TV is fully licensed and has the right to use the content and provide it to its customers.
In short: Boss IPTV can be used safely anywhere in the world.

You should only use a VPN if your internet service provider is blocking or throttling your connection. Otherwise, do not use a VPN because using our service is completely safe.

We have included a list of available channels from different countries, which you can consult via this link: Boss IPTV CHANNEL LIST. On our website you also have the option of selecting specific countries that will be displayed when you place your order.

We activate all new accounts in 30 minutes to 12 hours hours after the invoice is paid.

Yes, we only offer refunds if certain conditions are met. We’ll try to help you fix the issues first, but if nothing works despite all these guides, we can offer you a refund. Another thing is that after ordering you will not get your money back and suddenly you will change your mind not to buy Boss TV.

This means your ISP is throttling or blocking your connection. Many ISPs in the UK (sometimes in other countries as well) have this problem and the only solution is to use a VPN.